Bickerstock Stall Holder Information

The link to the application form is at the bottom of this list of FAQs for Stall Holders

It is very important that you understand the terms of the agreement before booking, particularly the restrictions on vehicles.

You will be asked to confirm that you have read the terms before your booking can be accepted. We know it’s a bore, but please scroll through and do read them carefully.


We are a family friendly festival and far from wanting to have lots of rules, Health and Safety requirements from our Licence from WLBC, the Conditions from Bickerstaffe Parish Council, Insurance Requirements and respect for other festival-goers and local residents, mean that we have had to come up with the list below, not just for this weekend, but so that Bickerstock can continue to go in the future.

FAQ’s and Information

  • What are the timings for each day? Bickerstock is open to the public from noon on Saturday 3rd August until 11pm and from noon on Sunday 4th August until 6pm. However, there is no requirement for you to stay for the whole time as long as you do not wish to move your vehicle AT ALL after the festival has started on Saturday UNTIL it finishes on Sunday. We ask all stallholders to arrive at Bickerstaffe Parish Field between 10 – 10.30 a.m. on their first day, in order to set up and be ready to open at noon. It’s not usually busy until later in the day, so you will have time to get organised after this time. On arrival please explain to security that you are a stall holder. You will be given the appropriate wristband and parking permit, and shown where you can unload and then park your car. If you do not need to move it, you may park it next to your stall. N.B. There is no vehicle movement permitted on the field after 11.30am on the Saturday until the festival finishes 6pm Sunday
  • How much is a pitch? Commercial Traders £30, Volunteers and Crafters £15. We also ask for an appropriate donation (e.g 10% of your profit) to be placed in a sealed envelope with the name of your stall and your contact details clearly marked on the front. This should be handed to the organiser before you leave the Parish Field at the end of your final day. We will contact you after you have completed a registration form to collect your initial payment.
  • Can I request a particular pitch? It will be a case of first come – first served.
  • What happens to the money raised at Bickerstock? Everyone at Bickerstock is a volunteer and gives their time for free. Money raised is used to fund next year’s event and all profits are donated to local charities and good causes.
  • Do I have to provide my own gazebo and table/chairs? Yes – anything in keeping with “Festival Feel” is welcome. However, please note gazebos and any other equipment brought to the festival ground must be in good working order. All access routes are to be kept clear with no protrusions which may cause harm or injury.
  • Can I advertise my stall on the website? All stallholders may provide information about their stall and products, including a hyperlink to their website, which may be placed on the Bickerstock Official Facebook Page, once their deposit has been received.
  • Is there Security on site? Yes, but the Bickerstock Committee will not accept responsibility at any time for any personal/business property (including stock). It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover all of your belongings, at all times whilst at the festival.
  • Can I camp on site? Yes, stallholders can stay on site.There is a £25 refundable deposit but you must complete a Camping Booking Form as well as your stall registration form, (which can be found on our website at: select the appropriate box in order to camp for free
  • Will there be electricity hook-up? No, unfortunately we do not have the facility to provide this. Please note: all electrical equipment must be PAT tested.

Please ensure all items for sale are fit for purpose (e.g no small parts for small children/ appropriate warnings and instructions etc.) NO TOY GUNS OR WEAPONS OF ANY DESCRIPTION OR SILLY STRING etc

This year we are operating an electronic payment processing system using electronic funds transfer. You will be given the details to make your payment once your initial application has been accepted.